Khlong Toey

I always try and get to a location early so I can check out the place, light and environment.

For the last few days I have working on a project in Khlong Toey, an area in Bangkok which is recognised as a slum district. I had been photographing children from the area who are being supported by the Human Development Foundation – HDF.
HDF have children in their care who are abandoned, physically challenged or suffer from AIDS. I had organised to see Children’s Day, an event that was worth attending because you never know when a picture opportunity might happen.
Because I was early for the event, I spent some time walking around Khlong Toey looking to shoot pictures of life on the streets. I have worked in this area of Bangkok on a number of occasions so I’m aware of the challenges and opportunities that this slum district presents.
The early morning sunlight was long, low and warm, just how I like it when shooting on the street. I managed to get a couple of colourful images. But the image that appealed to me most of all, was a shot I did of two women relaxing at an ice-making plant.