Waiting in Bangkok

Bangkok is waiting; waiting for something to happen. Will there be a clash between government supporters and opposition supporters? Will the army take over – today, tomorrow, this weekend, or will they wait until the scheduled demonstration on Monday?Ninety percent of my working life is spent waiting. Waiting for the light, waiting for the moment, waiting for people and waiting for something to happen.Whenever I’m working it is a waiting game. I walk a lot. I walk, watch and observe. Sometimes I get lucky and a picture happens but mostly it’s just a lot of walking and watching. And waitingThe street vendors of Bangkok are selling whistles, flags and other paraphernalia, cashing in on the anticipated street clashes. It’s almost like they’re preparing for a street carnival except the tourists seem totally oblivious to the coming events.As well as working in Bangkok I have been attempting to organise trips to other locations. I have been waiting for fixers, waiting for planes and waiting for the right person.Shooting pictures is the least part of my work. Waiting is the main game.